COVID 19 - To all guests



This is a world problem that nobody can escape  and we all have to do what we can to help those around us. Having been open to guests here at Waters End for more than ten years and having more than 5000 guests there are not many countries that get mentioned in the news that we can't remember an individual, couple or family that have stayed here and hope that they are well and safe. 


At the farm it is quite possible to think of it as horror movie that you wish you hadn't watched and then the BBC reminds us the horror more than exhists.


Obviously we have not been open in the usual way, we have had some guests (well more like refugees than guests} whom were pleased to enjoy the respite of Waters End.


In these tricky times we are doing our best to help you keep safe, I'm not writing rules as am a firm believer in common sense,

we will be changing all bedding for each stay (pillows, duvets and mattress covers included) and disinfecting as much as we can.


If you are feeling unwell prior to arrival please cancel.


If you feel happier bringing your own pillows/bedding etc, please do, we will not be offended.


If you have a booking and are not now happy to come we understand, please cancel, we ask that you give us reasonable notice as some dates have a waiting list and other guests would appreciate the opportunity to stay.


Most importantly, if you or your partner,friends,family are feeling unwell please cancel


But what we would really like you to do is come and stay at Waters End and forget about it all and relax.


NOVEMBER LOCKDOWN:  Bookings only for key workers over this period













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