MARCH 2021.


Waters End Farm is not even a pinprick in the global world but in our modest way we have been the venue of many happy family holidays, old friends enjoying a week together strolling round Sissinghurst Gardens, family gatherings, couples relaxing and having time and space for each other, parents and children having time to just kick a ball, family dogs loving the country walks, daring swimmers wild swimming in the lakes, or guests just strolling up to the local pub for supper.

All the above and much more has happened here to guests that have chosen to come and stay here from all over the world, fifteen countries I can think off and probably many more I do not even know of, many of you time and again and we thank you for that.

We have however all had our world shattered by this beastly virus and none of us are untouched by the consequences.

Due to amazing endeavour of world Scientists there is a solution to soften the blow and help us all to go forward and unbelievably politics and general journalistic scandal mongering appears to be getting in the way.

                                               We at Waters End cannot just stand by and not say:


                                              PLEASE GET YOUR VACCINE- DEMAND IT


        (Both Maurice and I have both delighted to have had the AstraZeneca several weeks ago)



In these tricky times we are doing our best to help you keep safe, I'm not writing rules as am a firm believer in common sense,

we will be changing all bedding for each stay (pillows, duvets and mattress covers included) and disinfecting as much as we can.


If you are feeling unwell prior to arrival, please cancel.


If you feel happier bringing your own pillows/bedding etc, please do, we will not be offended, just let us know.


If you have a booking and are not now happy to come we understand, please cancel, we ask that you give us reasonable notice as some dates have a waiting list and other guests would appreciate the opportunity to stay.


Most importantly, if you or your partner, friends, family are feeling unwell please cancel







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