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I look forward to welcoming you here at Waters End, where I enjoy working hard to try to ensure that your stay will exceed your expectations.  I feel privileged to live here and am delighted to share it with you.


I hope that your stay will be relaxing, enjoyable and recommendable to friends, family and colleagues upon departure.


Best regards, Jill



History of Waters End Farm.


In 1988, we found 43 acres of corn stubble fields down a narrow lane right in the heart of Kent, a small parcel of what had been a thriving  beef and hop farm.  We opened the gate on the road and started to cut a drive through some of the unkempt coppice, on the western border, to arrive in the middle of our proud acquisition .


The soil is solid Wealden Clay, perfect for setting up our dream ‘fish farm’.  Twenty ponds were dug in the lower part and Waters End Farm was born.


Twenty five years later we look back with a smile at our absolute naivety, with not a brick on site ridiculous quotes came in for water and telephone, electricity alone peaking the lot at £80.000. Funds diminished quicker than we could fill the ponds, cut backs were made, we trenched across two fields and bought in water and phone line ourselves, a second hand generator bought. A second (or third hand) mobile home found in a swop for two prize Charolaise Heifers  my husband had acquired after a particularly boozy boys weekend in France and we and our two young sons were in.


Fish farming commenced and planning permission sought, the former progressed quicker than the latter. Having set out to Crayfish Farm – the in thing at the time – we quickly swopped to Coarse Fish, mainly carp for restocking angling waters.


The business progressed, building permission didn’t, firstly the sticking point was our business viable and this we proved, second the county council were determined that we could only be permitted to build a single storey dwelling.
This was not what we wanted, our now ten year dream ( in our mobile home) was to:


1. Build a house suited and typical of the area

2. Build a house that in a hundred years will look as if it’s always been here


Eventually we were granted permission and building commenced, a very tired mobile home was gently pulled out and we felt Waters End finally established.


In 2007 laws of imports were changed , the island status that protected live fish stock in Great Britain were removed and we realised that our daily rearing and labour costs could not compete with cheap foreign imports. We were forced to change course.


Eighteen ponds have been remodelled into two lovely lakes, over 12,000 trees have been planted in the last 12 years, our driveway tarmacked and hence you find us now.


Ps The generator has gone, electricity has arrived as has wifi and all mod cons!


Welcome to Waters End